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Soothe Energy Mist

Soothe Energy Mist

Energy Mist

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soft · grounding

Soothe is a soft and grounding scent, with a gentle freshness and a little thread of a green herbaceousness woven through. This scent I made for those who need to drop their bundle and simply sit down. It is for the tired ones. This Energy Mist recognises that sometimes spring is simply too much. That we cannot answer the call for growth and expansion and rising. It is here to tell you that you don’t have to. You can sit this one out, just for a little while or for the whole season. You are still perfectly okay. Rest is sacred.

You can use this mist as an aura spray, pulling it out whenever you need a gentle reminder that you are allowed to slow down, or even come to a complete stop. This is for whenever you feel the tears burning behind your eyes or when you feel your heart racing with nervousness. It is for those who berate themselves for sitting down. It smells of a deep breath of sooting spring air.


This Energy Mist is made with tinctures of deeply sooting chamomile and herbaceous green sage. It is deepened with, among others, essential oils of ylang ylang and, of course, lavender. This scent was developed over several weeks underneath the balancing energies of the vernal equinox.


Your Energy Mist is like an aura spray (but nice) and can be used as such. Whenever you feel like you want a quick and impactful infusion of scent and a specific energy, you can grab your Energy Mist to help you out.

Just spray the scent around your head, let the mist settle, and breathe in and out deeply. You can also use the spray around the room or spritz a little on your pillow before you go to bed.

Spray your favourite scent before journaling, yoga, meditation or whatever your spiritual practice looks like. These scents are here to support you and your practice, not dictate it. You decide how to use them.


  • Your Energy Mist comes in a 30ml brown glass bottle with a spray cap. The brown glass protects your concoction from being overexposed to light, but I would still advice storing your bottles away from direct sunlight.
  • The compact bottle fits easily into a bag, so you can bring it along with you wherever you go.
  • All Energy Mists are made with tinctures from ecologically grown and harvested herbs or plants foraged by me and good quality essential oils from a non-scammy seller (no MLM shiz in this bottle).
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