• Where to start? This is definitely the hardest piece of writing I’ve had to do for this website... Let’s start here:

    I have long tried to use witchery and spirituality to force my life to make sense, to provide me with Answers and Certainty. I, frankly, have pretended that I had nothing but answers, like so many of the spiritual teachers I saw online.

  • But the truth is, I have questions. Many. And I get lost. Often. I wonder and I ponder and I pray at the altar of maybe.

    I believe that the path to the witch’s hut in the forest is paved with questions. And I believe that walking that path is a lot easier when we’re asking the questions together.

About Maybe Altar

Over the years my idea of witchcraft and my practice has taken on many forms, because like so many witches, I was searching. Now I find myself mostly observing the turning of the seasons (both those outside and those within), finding ways for my witchery and my mental health to co-exist and to support one another, and uncovering the sacred in everyday through ritual and reflection.

These are the threads I pull in and weave into my work and witchcraft practice:
  • I write about the seasons and the phases we see in nature and in ourselves.
  • I make and curate spiritual tools to support you in finding the sacred in the mundane.
  • I compose teachings and offerings to help us along on our witchery path.

Into all of this I stir a big ol' spoon of love in my cauldron before I send it out into the world, onto your path, because I care. A lot. Maybe a bit too much for a stranger on the internet.

Whether I am making an incense, writing a course or blog, scribbling a little note to go with your order, or recording a meditation - I care. It can be pretty hard to find your way in witchcraft, especially when it feels like you're going at it alone. My hope is that you feel a little less alone now. And, to be honest, me too. 
  • OPEN

    You come as you. You don't need to pretend here. Here we aim to keep threshold as low as possible. If you ever feel I failed at that - let me know.


    Words, paints, pencils, stickers - I love to make something where there was nothing. Witchery is no different. Here we do not follow the trodden path, we forge our own.


    I'd like the world to be a little (a lot!) kinder, both the world at large and the world of spirituality. No to spiritual bypassing, yes to empathy. Also yes to self love. The real kind.

I used to work as an English teacher in secondary school. Though I enjoyed teaching, I was not much suited for the school environment (in part due to some health stuff).

Now I work in my cosy attic with terracotta and dusty violet walls and I have never felt more at home in a workplace. Literally.

Working from home also means that breaks for dog cuddles, gaming, or a little gardening are always an option.

I love my work, but living with a chronical illness has taught me how to prioritise rest and restoration. Rest and true self-care are woven into my witchcraft practice and I'd love for you to do the same.

Welcome, I am so glad you are here.

Look around. I don't know what you are looking for, but there is probably going to be something for you. There are products I make to help you bring sacredness and ritual into your home, there are meditations if you need to catch your breath, there's writings if you feel like you want to have a cuppa with a friend and chat. Whether you are a seasoned witch (pun intended) or cautiously esoteric curious, I am sure there is something here for you.

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    Handmade concoctions like herbal incenses and energy mists or lovingly curated tools like tarot decks. It's all there.

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    Writings on witchery, mental health, seasons & phases - and the place where those intersect. A slowly but surely expanding online grimoire.


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