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Muse Tarot

Muse Tarot

An inspiring tarot deck

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'Air energy to fluff your wings, or a little moss to ground your love, a tiny spark to ignite giant dreams, or an ocean tide to heal your wounds.'


Chris-Anne made this deck as an ode to inspiration, to the muse. It is an eclectic and colourful deck, that oozes magic.

The Muse Tarot takes you on a journey of searching, inciting, creating and learning. It is a conversation with your inner muse, your inner source of creation. Kickstart your creative projects or weave magic through your everyday with these gorgeous cards and forge a lifelong friendship with your muse.

In this deck the traditional suits have been replaced with Voices (Swords), Materials (Pentacles), Inspiration (Staves) and Emotions (Cups).

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