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gemstone mala necklace

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All meditation necklaces come with a cotton pouch for tucking it away and a little magical handwritten note from me.

This meditation necklace is inspired by a walk through the sandy hills of the heather, covered in dark green, white and purple heather shrubs. It conjures the image of the turning of the seasons, from warm and bright summer into cool autumn. Heather shows its flower in this liminal space, where bright blue skies are giving way to soft grey ones. It heralds a more quiet time, where we transition into introspection.

These prayer beads I made for the one who had trouble laying down the burden of all the things they feel they should do and the feeling of obligations and responsibility. Moss agate is said to help you release old habits and fears and I strung these beads to help you simplify and find more easeful fulfilment in your life.

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