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Gentle Awakening Herbal Incense

Gentle Awakening Herbal Incense

Herbal Incense

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floral · deep · fresh

Gentle Awakening is a floral scent with a depth, laced through with a little freshness. This scent is inspired by the soft en gentle moments spring provides. It is the wind shifting, carrying over the scent of flowers starting to bloom. This incense blend I made to guide you through the awakening.

With its soothing softness and depth it is an excellent scent to burn during your devotional work, especially when focussed on self-care and gentleness. The edge of freshness that lavender provides works gently awakening and stimulating, making it a wonderful scent for those wanting to gently expand their comfort zone. 


This loose incense is made various dried herbs, flowers and resins. Deep pink dried rose petals, big scoops of purple lavender, cocoa shells and fragrant nag champa powder are some of the ingredients of this incense mix.


Burn this loose incense blend on little charcoal disks or an incense burner meant for loose incense. I highly recommend an incense burner, since those slowly heat the herbs and resins, gently releasing the scent into the air. Charcoal burns and blackens the herbs fast, causing a more charred scent. Check out some wonderful incense burners here.

Burning loose incense is a ritual in and of itself. For the best experience you want to add little pinches of the incense to the burner. Which means that rather than lighting a stick and walking away, you can give your attention to your burning ritual, returning to your intention every ~15-30 minutes. It is truly a wonderful addition to any spiritual practice.


  • Your incense blend comes in a glass jar with black metal lid. 
  • All herbs used in this mixture are ecologically and locally grown.
  • Approx 160ml, which is enough for hours and hours of incense burning. A jar usually lasts me a few months with almost daily burning.
  • Please always make sure to burn your incense in a well ventilated space and keep some distance between yourself and the smoke. Inhaling smoke is never good for you or your pets. Burning incense is about the scent, not the smoke.
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