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Expand Energy Mist

Expand Energy Mist

Energy Mist

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fresh · strengthening

Expand is a beautifully fresh scent, conjuring images of old forests filled with evergreen trees growing tall and reaching deep with their roots. This scent I made to remind you of your strength and to support you in reaching for that strength in this season of growing and unfurling. It is for those who want to reach high while remembering to stay firmly rooted.

I made Expand Energy Mist to aid you in turning over a new leaf, when perhaps that is a little scary to you. It aims to help you take a deep breath and sink a little deeper in your body whenever you need to. You can use it whenever you step outside your comfort zone or when you find yourself shrinking away from expansion. It is for those who find it hard to take up space, but who find that staying small is no longer a viable option.

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