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Dreams Of Gaia Tarot Deck (B-Choice)

Dreams Of Gaia Tarot Deck (B-Choice)

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Dreams of Gaia is a magical tarot deck filled with bold colours and magical creatures. It offers you the Minor Arcana through the lens of the elements and has some of its Major Arcana cards renamed to fit with its themes of seeking, feeling, growing & healing.

It also contains many dragons. Just saying.

The cards have a shiny finish and are ~9,5x14cm. The deck comes in a sturdy two-piece box and with a comprehensive 308 pages guidebook. 

Please be aware, these are b-choice decks. When I received this shipment many of the decks were damaged. I went through every single card and managed to put together a few decks in good condition. It is still possible for your cards to have very small marks, have small damages to the golden edging or feel a little more matte. They are however in perfectly fine condition for use and complete. This is of course very much reflected in the price.

Some decks have golden edging and some do not, you can tell me your preference in the little comment box when you complete your order, but I cannot make any promises.

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