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gemstone meditation necklace

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All meditation necklaces come with a cotton pouch for tucking it away and a little magical handwritten note from me.

This meditation necklace was inspired by the sea. Specifically by the ocean’s uncanny ability to reflect our feelings back at us. The ocean can rage with you with high and violent waves. It can be still and quiet with you, its gentle waves softly lapping on the shore. It can revel in beauty, reflecting and refracting dazzling sunlight. These prayer beads are dedicated to the sea and to you and all your feels.

There are no right and wrong emotions, there is only how we feel in each given moment, and I strung these beads for the one who needs to be reminded of this. I made this necklace to help you ride the waves of your feelings and to embrace the ebb and flood of your emotional landscape, without judgment.

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