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Herbal Incences: Full Spring '23 Collection

Herbal Incences: Full Spring '23 Collection

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All four of the Herbal Incense scents in the Spring '23 collection, in a smaller size. Perfect for the indecisive witch or the one that just wants it all.


These four scents I made with resins, herbs that are either ecologically & locally grown or wild foraged.


Burning loose incense is a beautiful little ritual that seamlessly slots into almost any spiritual or witchcraft practice. It is a great starting point for those wanting to invite more tethering rituals into their lives.

The very best experience with a loose incense mix is when you burn it on an incense burner, adding small pinches at a time. Allow the herbs and resins to slowly smoulder and release their scent. Top up whenever you desire another infusion of scent into the air.


Four glass tubes of Herbal Incences: Spring Storm, Campfire, A Prayer For Strength, and Gentle Awakening.

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Burners for your incense

Ensure the best scent experience with an incense burner for your new blend.