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Forest Path

Forest Path

gemstone meditation necklace

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All meditation necklaces come with a cotton pouch for tucking it away and a little magical handwritten note from me.

This meditation necklace is inspired by a path winding through the woods, dappled in the sunlight of a warm spring or summer day. The dark green and white tree agate beads look like a roof of vibrantly green leaves, filtering through bright beams of sunlight. The little clusters of clear quartz beads represent places where the light bounces off little drops of water, like dew caught on flower heads and in spider webs, surrounding you with little dazzling shimmers and stars of light.

This Forest Path necklace I made for those who could use a little reminder to stop and just be present for a moment, every now and then. To stop, close your eyes, and feel the sunlight and shadows play a game of warm and cool on your face. Thear all the life around you in the buzzing of the insects and the birds flitting from branch to branch. These prayer beads feel grounding and deeply soothing, like an exhale.

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