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A Prayer for Strength Herbal Incense

A Prayer for Strength Herbal Incense

Herbal Incense

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Strength is a heady but fresh scent, conjuring images of trees with fragrant herbs growing at their feet. This scent I concocted for those who hear spring’s call for growth and expansion and are ready to rise to the challenge. Spring asks for seeds to crack open and for the sprouts bursting forth to find their way through the dark and heavy earth to the light. This scent is for the seeds.

I created this incense blend for those reaching for hope and rebirth. If you are aiming to thoroughly shake off winter this spring and expand into newness, Strength is here to support you through the process and inspire you into thinking beyond self imposed limitations.


This loose incense blend is made with several dried herbs such as tangy lemon vervain and deep green nettle. It contains wonderfully fragrant pine buds and it rounded out by the grounding scent of sandalwood. The resin in this blend comes from the Boswellia tree and is one of the oldest incenses in the world.


Burning loose incense is a beautiful little ritual that seamlessly slots into almost any spiritual or witchcraft practice. It is a great starting point for those wanting to invite more tethering rituals into their lives.

The very best experience with a loose incense mix is when you burn it on an incense burner, adding small pinches at a time. Allow the herbs and resins to slowly smoulder and release their scent. Top up whenever you desire another infusion of scent into the air.


  • Your incense blend comes in a glass jar with black metal lid. 
  • All herbs used in this mixture are ecologically and locally grown.
  • Approx 160ml, which is enough for hours and hours of incense burning. A jar usually lasts me a few months with almost daily burning.
  • Please always make sure to burn your incense in a well ventilated space and keep some distance between yourself and the smoke. Inhaling smoke is never good for you or your pets. Burning incense is about the scent, not the smoke.
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Burners for your incense

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